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MEDSCAPEINDIA - ARYAN MEDICAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST is a non profit organization of voluntary Doctors and like minded people have been working relentlessly on healthcare since last 16 years. Medscapeindia has always been there to support the Government of India in all its health missions for people. At this critical moment, wherein humankind is in danger due to the outbreak of deadly COVID-19 disease, in addition to the Doctors associated to Medscapeindia, Doctors from various fields have come forward to support the Medscapeindia initiative. All these Doctors will be available on phone for guidance and counselling. Helpline Seva of Medscapeindia has been created to help people in need. GUIDANCE and COUNCELING on call, message, video call or Whatsapp is available.
Campaigns such as, "Save the Girl Child, HIV Go Away Awareness, Million smile Women empowerment program ,preventive medical camps, FitIndia Movement since 6 years, Rural Health (Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh), Assam flood relief & medical aid, Millions smile women Empowerment campaign, Anokhee Pahal, MedscapeIndia national Awards since 9 years and many other impactful projects. MedscapeIndia took the initiative of creating the doctors anthem in the honour of the doctors who are helping the citizen of the country.
MEDSCAPEINDIA have extended hand in supporting the government at this crucial hour. It’s great honour that all highly acclaimed doctors from our country are also remotely associated with MEDSCAPEINDIA across the country along with various country associates working with us & has been providing much needed awareness to the large numbers of people for the last one and a half months. The” WE DOCTORS” campaign for medical guidance, counselling, quarantine processes, hygiene & queries related to the diseases, lab tests, allocated Hospital by government, handling panic of Patients for guidance & queries related to COVID-19. MedscapeIndia has been toiling untiringly day & night to fight against the Corona virus pandemic in our own humble ways since the day this threat has emerged, now is the time to have concentrated and a full throttle thrust to take ahead and ensure implementation of Government direction & policies Nationwide for ensuring safe india Across country we Doctors are contributing wherever they are, whatever they can do are trying best to handle the situation.


Aryan Medical And Educational Trust - Fit India - Medscapeindia has started interventions for Covid-19 response, There is opportunity to collaborate or help, we will certainly try to. We are all in this together. And, together, we will. Doctors contribution to the nation was never in question. The faternity always stood with their head high to serve the nation in difficult situations. The nation and the world is in grave situation,As always , the nation is now fully banking on this faternity to save the humankind . We as doctors have taken a challenge to make our country corona free.
In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are confronted with a pandemic that government agencies are doing their best to control. It is important that we fight this pandemic with solidarity, resilience, efficiency and compassion -- as one team, one one nation. In the current scenario, Informa Markets in India, as the nation’s leading B2B events organiser, has taken necessary and responsible measures in a bid to flatten the COVID transmission curve. We have reinstated a work-from-home policy from 19th March onwards and have identified critical team members to assist in potential crisis moments. We also have a core COVID committee in place that is examining the constantly evolving situation closely. we follow the norms of responsible social distancing, our team members are working closely together thanks to a plethora of technologies that we have implemented to enable them to work optimally from our hospital,We believe, amidst the adverse situation we are currently facing globally, we will also have found newer opportunities of using remote technology to its fullest for the benefit of professionals.


‘Every doctor deserves safety while working’ - Dr Sunita Dube There is large number of patients which are being handled by doctors under hazardous conditions and are exposed to virus and their complications in India in current situation. We raised funds for the protection of them for the PPE KITS and over 1000 PPE Kits were distributed in first slot among doctors in Kurla Eaat,Chembur, Vatsalatai Nagar and Thakkar Bappa colonies in Mumbai as they are most affected areas.

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Wonderful n very thoughtful initiatives by Dr Sunita Dube for welfare n well being of entire human kind... so much obliged. Fight against Corona virus is universal n Dr Sunita Dube's contributions will facilitate & boost this fight against omnipresent threat form this pandemic.
Obliged & great regards to you, Ma'am Dr Sunita Dube.
- Brig RR Singh, SM.

ABOUT Medscape India

Medscape India has worked for various awareness campaigns such as Save the Girl Child, HIV Awareness, Preventive medical camps, Breast Cancer Awareness, Doctors’ legible Handwriting campaign, World’s first Doctors’ Anthem, Anokhee Pahal, FIT INDIA campaign, Annual Televised MedscapeIndia Awards and many more.

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